Carrara Pro and Allegorithmic Substance Designer

In continuing the “Long-Term Sci-Fi Project”, the polygon mesh faces were adjusted in Carrara to eliminate all but the top faces as brought in from Autodesk Inventor. No need to texture the side and bottom faces due to those never being visible in the rendered scene.

Export from Carrara Pro as an .obj file format came into Substance Designer with no issues.   A few tweaks inside Substance Designer as a quick test produced a baseColor and normal map that appears to work fairly well once imported back into Carrara Pro.

So far, all programs are syncing fine with each other.

Sci-Fi 10182017 Allegorithmic Substance Designer

Sci-Fi 10182017 Carrara Pro




Long Term Sci-Fi Project

Long-Term Sci-Fi Project.

Well, I’m getting inspired again to tinker in some 3D.

My goal, this time, is to continue adding to this scene, one piece at a time until it literally has 1,000s  of pieces for one complete scene. Therefore, it’s a work in progress.

I will continue updating this blog to showcase my progress on this one scene.

It’s autumn, getting colder, time to hang in a warm room and think about ideas for art. I’ve decided to model everything in Autodesk Inventor, then bring into Carrara Pro. Unmask in Carrara, texture using Allegorithmic Substance Painter and/or Substance Designer. Implement Poser11 and Daz Studio for character creation.

Sci-Fi 10172017 Autodesk Inventor

Sci-Fi 10172017 Autodesk Inventor - Drawing



Walkway to the Dark Forest of Darthmilin

(a continuation of the first chapter of Darthmilin, which can be read at the link Darthmilin Jaspic 1)

Dark Forest is a secluded, secret area within the valley of Darthmilin, the humble home of Jaspic.  Simple things from the ancient days of the human race are being assembled.  The layout and construction is aided by the knowledge of ancient data memories. The bio-mechanically engineered newborn, birthed in the heavens of Star Base Octum, replenish Earth with the ancient artifacts that survived the great impact. Jaspic, one of these newborns, skips down a wooden planked walkway. He is in no hurry at arriving to the portal Alpha which transports him into the realm of the high council.


Snow Luminos ™, David J. Hinkle – Copyright © 2016. All rights reserved.

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Blender – Allegorithmic – Unity5.4Pro

Had fun today modeling a very simple cube into a fence post, bringing it into Substance Painter to create a simple wood texture. Then, bringing those exported files from Substance Painter into Substance Designer to add some more variation of color and tweaks.  One simple cube copied twice for two posts and the same exact cube scaled and copied three times for the rails.  This completes a very simple fence which was then brought into Unity5.4Pro as a Blender file .blend.  Blender files update in Unity seamlessly.  Very fun to do.



Blender’s Cycles Render

Continuing my work on the “muzzle” has turned it into more of a piston or coupling of sorts.  I’m approaching my modeling by creating small parts to see where they lead me.  The big picture is yet to be found, which is making the journey very fun.

Blender is used to model everything, exporting the mesh object (.obj format) into Substance Painter, then into Substance Designer, and back into Blender for the final rendering.

Blender, Substance Painter, Substance Designer – Working fairly well.

Today, I created a simple part that can be used in various conditions and places.  I simply called it “Muzzle”, but it could be anything, like a shroud, coupling… whatever.  Blender is used for the modeling and rendering prior to exporting into Unity3D.  However, I used Substance Painter and Substance Designer by Allegorithmic to do the texturing.  I’m happy with the results so far.  There will be tweaks and plenty of room for improvement, considering this was my first setup with Blender and Allegorithmic together.

… 3D worlds in progress.