… MMO world in progress.


Low resolution poly to High resolution poly

Modeled a low resolution poly mesh and then created a high resolution of the mesh for sculpting.  Bake out all maps to get ready to work inside Substance Designer and Substance Painter.


Well – Model High Poly and Bake to Low Poly

I am learning how to model in Maya LT.  Creating high poly meshes to bake to low poly to use in Unreal Engine.


Starcraft – Door

Using Maya LT to create a doorway (this one is at the end of a hallway, where there is just a window or portal).


Character – Silhoulette

Trying to learn how to come up quickly with characters by painted silhoulettes in Sketchbook Pro.



Decided to use Sketchbook Pro this morning and quickly draw out a doorway.  Just come up with something fast.  I then wnet into Maya LT and modeled it.



“Arogicta” first ever shield


“Arogicta” first ever shield, sketched in AutoDesk Sketchbook to get ready for modeling in Maya LT.

I usually start the modeling process not really knowing what to do.  However, I relized that I need to come up with my own concept art (no matter how it looks – not the best illustrator) before trying to learn how to model.  This way, it forces me to actually conform to an idea and stick to the plan.

David J Hinkle

Copyright © 2015

Starcraft Afterburner

Start of one part to make a star craft.  Figured I would start with the afterburner, got to start somewhere.  Therefore, modeled the cowl, ring, and funnel (don’t know the real terms to use) of the afterburner in Alibre.  I use Alibre to model mechanical parts because I can model very fast with it.  Then I use FreeCAD to covert Alibre’s export of a .stp file into an .obj.  I am still working with my old version 2012 of Alibre Pro which doesn’t support exporting to .fbx or .obj, without an extension.  FreeCAD takes the place of this conversion for me.  Once exported from FreeCAD as an .obj file, I import into Maya LT 2016!

The cowl in Alibre had 110 faces, after importing into Maya LT, Maya converted it into 43,000 plus polygons.  That is some high res, which I want to use for some sculpting techniques for a high res poly.  Then, I will use Maya to make a low poly form for gaming and bake my high res onto the low res model.

The ring in Alibre had 6 faces, Maya LT converted it into 6,300 plus polygons.

The funnel in Alibre had 19 faces, Maya LT converted it into 47,000 plus polygons.

The settings for import in Maya LT are set fairly high, actually just whatever is out of the box default settings.

Maya LT is a blast because it handles these high res polys with no memory issues or computer performance issues.

Anyhow, this is a work in progress to learn how to use Maya LT to make some cool stuff.



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