… MMO world in progress.


Darthmilin – Stingray Start

Stingray Engine - Darthmilin - Startup

Today, starts the beginning of another world, set to revolve around my novel, “Darthmilin”.  Autodesk Stingray engine is being used to drive this new world. Wish me luck!

MayaLT 2016 to Mudbox 2016 Terrain

Created a terrain in MayaLT exported as a .fbx.  Imported into Mudbox, worked the sculpt up in stages until level 6, which is well over 1 million polygons. Next, I will use Mudbox to create all the maps.  Import the height map into World Machine to do some erosion work.  Then bring back into Mudbox to rebake the maps.  Then, import into Substance Designer / Painter and Mudbox to work some texturing.  Work the maps some more.  Finally, have a set of textures and a low rez mesh with normal maps to import into Stingray Engine.

MayaLT 2016 01Mudbox 2016 01

Stingray Engine – It is officially started

I have officially chosen Stingray Engine as my engine of choice to create my little imaginary world.

I shall start with this tiny column that is only 2m in height.  This represents the basic scale of a humanoid creation.

Wish me luck!

Stingray Engine 01.PNG

MayaLT to Mudbox – II

My second attempt after working some more tutorials.  Started in MayaLT to model a “cottage”.  Imported to Mudbox to begin sculpting.


MayaLT 2016, modeling a “cottage”


Mudbox 2016, sculpting the “cottage”



MayaLT to Mudbox

I created a quick model, using traditional methods with MayaLT, of an inn.  The inn was exported out to Mudbox, where subdivision levels were added to begin the sculpt and painting progress.  The world I am creating will be very organic in look.

First modeled in MayaLT 2016.

Then brought into Mudbox.  Base level 0 shown (582 Polygons).

Added subdivisions to Base level 5 shown (296,960 Polygons) to start the sculpting progress.  Will eventually hit over 1,000,000 polygons before creating the texture and normal maps to reapply to the base mesh in game.

The journey of an indie 3d artist.

Today, is my official start of something I’ve dreamed of for a long time… the ability to focus on an in game world where I can make the world reflect my own creative vision.  To do this… I… well… life turned on me fairly hard.  I was unable to complete my last two years of college as an electrical and computer engineer due to finances.  It saddened me greatly.  I still love the math so much… but… I got over it because there have been some foundation stones, although small, that have carried me through life.  One of these foundation stones is my love of art, especially 3d art.  The other is my love of music.  My desire is to pick myself back up from the sadness of feeling I failed… So… Life still has so much more to offer and so much more to teach.

My love of art and music fits so nicely in regard to 3d realms because those areas combine something truly remarkable… the ability as an artist to not only combine ones art, but to combine it with music.  Therefore, I have decided to learn some more… to learn even more… So what is this I plan to teach myself… to tinker with… to struggle with…

The first will be learning how to utilize the powerful tools of Maya LT.  To create those wonderful mesh strings.

Next, will be learning how to tinker with Mudbox, to sculpt, to turn those mesh strings around… to twist them to my desires.

Next, will be learning stingray, to learn how to capture these pixels and drive them through algorithmic bliss.

There will be other weapons I will learn to yield along my path, like Substance Designer and Substance Painter.

I like Marvelous Designer to hang those wonderful silk strings upon the cold hard steel.


Today, I begin my journey as an independent game developer.

~ Snow Luminos ­™, David J. Hinkle




Low resolution poly to High resolution poly

Modeled a low resolution poly mesh and then created a high resolution of the mesh for sculpting.  Bake out all maps to get ready to work inside Substance Designer and Substance Painter.